House Rules

Legal Books:
Core Rulebook (CRB)
Advanced Players Guide (APG)
Ultimate Magic (UM)
Ultimate Combat (UC)
Ultimate Equipment (UE)
Advanced Race Guide (ARG)
Inner Sea World Guide (ISWG)
Paths of Prestige (PoP)
People of the Sands (PoS)

– All core races are legal, with all alternate racial options in the CRB and ARG as legal. Any other alternate race options for the core races from other sources require GM permission.
– All featured races in the ARG are legal except for drow, fetchlings, hobgoblins, and orcs. No more than 2 PC’s out of the active 6 may play as a featured race. GM permission required for a goblin or kobold character. All racial options for legal races are legal.
– Out of the uncommon races in the ARG, only changelings, kitsune, nagaji, samsaran, sulis, vishkanyas, and wayangs are legal. No more than one PC out of the active 6 may play as an uncommon race. GM permission is required for any of these races.

– All core and base classes described in the CRB, APG, UM, and UC, and the archetypes for those classes are legal with the exception of the Gunslinger, any other archetype that gains proficiency with guns, the synthesist summoner, and any class or archetype that requires an evil alignment. (Sorry, but no.)
– GM permission is required for any class from the Advanced Class Guide.
– I also would strongly recommend against playing a witch (because undead), any class option that grants a large or larger mount (because lot of dungeon crawling), the pack lord druid and master summoner. GM permission required for these classes and/or archetypes.
– GM permission is required before advancing into any prestige class. This is mostly for story-telling purposes and to make sure the prestige class isn’t overpowered.

– All characters must be a non-evil alignment. Neutral-aligned divine casters may choose evil deities to worship, however.

– All characters are allowed three traits, as described in the New Rules: Traits section of the APG. One of these traits must be a campaign trait from People of the Sands. No more than one trait can be taken from the following types: campaign, combat, faith, magic, social, religion, and racial.
– All characters must take one Flaw as well, to offset the extra trait. A list of flaws will be provided by the GM at a later date.
– All characters should have a sufficient backstory, along with two secrets for each character: one that is influential but not devastating, and one that could drastically affect how the other party members react. Another way of putting it: one secret you don’t mind the rest of the party to know, one secret you do.

– Words of Power are not legal.
– We will not be playing with Hero Points.
– Please allow me to review your character before our first session. I want to see what you are planning to do with your character, his or her backstory, and if I missed something that shouldn’t be legal.
– I appreciate more the characters that are built for roleplay reasons rather than optimal build reasons. Try to bring that appreciation as well.
– What happens in game stays in game. What happens out of game stays out of game. Please do not bring outside world distractions while we play. Thank you!

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