Welcome to the campaign home page!

This is the future site of my Mummy’s Mask campaign, a Pathfinder Adventure Path set mostly in the country of Osirion (analogous to our Egypt). My hope is to have this be a home campaign with awesome people to play a great story.

Our heroes begin this tale as novice treasure hunters, all of them part of an artifact-finding team in Wadi, Osirion. The Necropolis of Wadi has been closed for centuries to anyone outside the church, but now is the time that the Ruby Prince has encouraged such expeditions to start. Our treasure-hunters cannot wait to find as many artifacts…and gold…as they can!

However, someone else is exploring the Necropolis, hunting for a treasure of a different kind. The kind of treasure that they would kill for. The kind of treasure that could unleash a great power that will dominate most of northern Garund…and then possibly the world.

Mummy's Mask